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2024 Summer Leagues & Clubs 

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Adult / Youth

This family fun night is the perfect start to your week! Everyone can enjoy their time together and at the end of the season, each bowler will receive a new ball. Families can also choose to opt out of the ball.

Mondays at 6pm

4 person teams

Starts          April 29

Ends            August 5

Weekly Price per person: $20 with a ball

                                                    $12 without a ball

Lousy Bowlers Club

tackle pins.png

Grab your balls, we're going bowling! Get your best friends and worst bowlers together for this short season league. No serious bowlers allowed! This is about to be your favorite night of the week. Age 21+

Weekly price includes bowling, shoe rental, 2 drinks per person plus $16 food credit per team. This club meets weekly.

Wednesdays at 7pm

4 person teams

Starts          May 8

Ends            August 7

Weekly Price per person: $25

EZ Strikes

Add something new to your weekend! This club meets every other Saturday because let's face it you've got a lot of plans this summer. Strikes come easy when you only need 9 pins, so just ignore that extra one.  Included each week is 3 games of bowling, shoe rental, and 2 drinks per person. This will be bowled during cosmic glow bowl. Flashing lights and rope lights will be active. anyone with sensitivity to flashing lights is advised.  Age 21+

Saturdays at 7pm 

4 person teams

Starts          May 18

Ends            August 10

Weekly Price per person: $20

Challenge Leagues

The high school challenge league allows youth bowlers to gain experience and confidence on different sport patterns. Teams can be mixed by schools, genders, and age.

Tuesdays at 7pm

Starts April 30

Ends August 6 

Weekly Price per person: $12

The Thursday Challenge league is an adult competitive league. $400 first place prize. Different oil patterns and sport shots will be put out each week. Handicap league

Thursdays at 7pm

Starts May 2

Ends August 8

Weekly Price per person: $25


Come in to practice and improve your game. Learn more about the shot and improve your bowling experience.


Download the app and you can see the stats on every ball you throw. Currently featured on six lanes.


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